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Epoxy Flooring FAQS

Q:  Do you offer a warranty?

A:  Yes.  We offer a lifetime adhesion warranty that your floor will never peel, flake or chip.



Q:  How long does the installation process take?

A:  Generally two partial days. We utilize a patented epoxy designed to "wick" into the concrete to provide an incredible bond. We do not want to rush this process as it would jeopardize the quality of the adhesion.  Once we apply the epoxy we stop for the day to allow it to wick into the concrete and bond to it (think of it as a root system). 



Q:  When can I get back onto the floor?

A:  Typically you can walk on it in 24 hours and return to normal service after 48 hours.   



Q:  How should I clean the epoxy floor?

A:  Simply hose it out.  A squeegee is helpful for removing standing water.   Stubborn dirt  can be removed with soapy water and a foam mop.



Q:  Do you repair the cracks in the concrete?

A:  Yes.  We repair all cracks prior to the application of the epoxy system.



Q:  Do you acid etch or diamond grind to prepare the concrete floor? 

A:  Diamond grind.  Acid Etching is an inferior preparation method and will not result in the same adhesion as a properly prepared Diamond ground floor.  



Q:  How does your epoxy system compare to the "Big Box Store" epoxy kits?

A:  Our floors are not in the same league.  Every year we have at least 5-10 clients that want us to remove their failed Big Box store epoxy garage kit and apply our superior epoxy flooring system.  We believe in doing it once and doing it RIGHT!!  

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