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Epoxy Installation Process


Follow along through our installation process as we turn concrete from ordinary to Extraordinary!  We take pride in providing a high quality finished coating which means we take the time and go through the effort to do it right and treat each job as if it's our own. 

1st -Diamond Grinding.jpg


We diamond grind every floor to prepare it for our commercial grade epoxy system.  We don't cut corners with acid etching, as it produces an inferior bond-able surface.

2nd - Crack & Imperfections filled using


After grinding we use our 2-part Crack Weld product to fill any cracks and large surface imperfections to ensure a great looking finished floor. 

3rd - Application of our 100% Solids pat


Next we apply the patented epoxy designed to wick into the concrete so once cured it's bonded into the concrete not just to the surface.  We're so confident in the strength of this bond that we back it with a LIFETIME adhesion warranty.   

4th - Full broadcast of flake (30+ color


Immediately following the epoxy we perform a full broadcast of flake chips (30+ colors available) to ensure complete and uniform coverage.

This completes Day 1 of the install as we now allow the epoxy to cure naturally overnight.

5th- Flake Scraping and removal


Now that the epoxy has cured we use metal edge scrapers to remove the excess flake.  

6th Cleaned up Flake ready for dlearcoat


We then thoroughly clean and vacuum the entire surface in preparation for the clear coats. 

7th - Two separate UV resistant and non-


Final step is our application of two separate UV resistant and non-yellowing Clear Coats to provide long lasting good looks and durability!

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